Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Propulsion Updates

The rocket currently under development by the UBCRP is called "Aurora-1", as named after a heated debate amongst team members. The "Aurora" part is pretty self-explanatory, and the number suffix will indicate the iterative version of the rocket (it is designed to be modifiable - more on that later).

The propulsion system, dubbed "Helios" (mainly because rockets have a special affinity for the names of ancient gods) is a 1500 lbf kerosene/lox engine. It has been under development for some time, a large part of which has been basic research and lots of reading in order to familiarize ourselves with engine terminology, history, and design methods.

We currently have the Excel model of the engine complete and I have been working on mastering Unigraphics NX 3.0 in order to make solid models. UGS has a bit of a learning curve but seems like it has a lot of capabilities. I recently learned that RocketPlane Kistler has decided to use UGS as well, which provided a little extra motivation for the continued use of this software.

In addition to working on UGS modeling, I have been working on getting UBC's approval for building a static test bunker on campus. After a discussion with the OHS manager, I am now on to Campus and Community Planning to obtain a land-use approval. It's proving difficult to get in touch with them - the "Special Projects Manager" position is vacant (anyone need a job?) and my phone calls to other members of their office have not been answered. I'll just have to keep trying the cold calls.

More update later.

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avmich said...

What exactly is modelled in the Excel spreadsheet you've mentioned?