Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Forging Links with Other Student Rocketry Teams

A few weeks ago, I attended the National Association of Engineering Student Councils National Conference at Purdue University. In conversation one day, the subject of rocketry was brought up and we had a nice little chat. While their team goals aren't quite the same as ours, the University of California, San Diego Hybrid Rocket Project and the Arizona State University's Daedalus Astronautics team face many similar issues. We hope to continue communications into the future in efforts to further all of our projects.

UCSD Hybrid Rocket Project
Daedalus Astronautics


Carl Tedesco said...

Nice blog site. Looks like some cool things to come. Can you add a link to our blog site ( http://sdsurocketproject.blogspot.com/) and we'll do the same to yours.

--- Carl Tedesco
Advisor, SDSU rocket project

Dubya said...

Sure thing, Carl, nice to hear from you. I've been following your team for a while and have been inspired by what you're doing.

Matt said...

I like your style. I expect big things from you young kids, keep up the good work.