Saturday, July 21, 2007

Team Meeting July 21 2007

Updates from the team meeting today:


Kirsty brought us awesome pens that look like 1930's-style rockets! They have a fuel tank filled with gel (no slosh baffles), and an led in the engine area. Courtesy of her Dad and AT&T.

Curtis - Launch Systems
-He is going to pick up the hydraulic parts for the launch rail from Princess Auto
-The 46' Expo truss is getting moved onto a trailer for us, stored in yard until we need it
-Still working out how to connect truss to whatever trailer/platform we use as the base
-Need to have truss properly inspected, one buckled member needs to be replaced, need someone "qualified" to advise on how to properly inspect

Joel (on behalf of Trian) - Aerostructures
-got new team account set up in MECH department, moved funds over from old IGEN account, ready to cut purchase orders through MECH department

Cedric - Industry Advisor
-introducing James to resources at local aerospace company for potential combustion chamber machining (we are hoping to get them to sponsor us), estimating FMC programming and planning work hours
-getting machining done in the near term will be difficult as they are very busy

Marco - test stand building permit
-unfortunately no luck getting anyone to sign off on design

Kirsty, Sebastian, Aaron - Avionics
-need to track down missing components from Jon/Leigh (DAQ and microprocessor) - they are probably at someone's house
-Kirsty got a key for the CHBE workshop and we have moved everything over there
-ready to order Omega sensors, Ozark GPS transmitter/receiver, and 3 DOF accelerometers

James - Propulsion
-RFQs for tanks, plumbing, most valves done, ready to order
-worked on updated sponsor info, milestones, budget, etc
-discussion of milestones
-Alumni update: 3 ISU masters students, 3 working in aerospace manufacturing, one (soon possibly two) working for NASA

Winnie - Propulsion
-working on Fire Safety Plan for test facility, almost done, need contacts for emergencies
-have been busy with Fizz robot project

Joel - Project Coordinator
-sponsorship package updated, will bring a copy to next meeting
-next meeting would fall on saturday of the BC Day long weekend, so reschedule to Aug 11

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