Thursday, September 13, 2007

Team Meeting September 8 2007

Meeting Minutes:

Welcome back to all returning members, Welcome all new members!

Launch Systems:
- The truss has been relocated and is in a safe place
- The hydraulic system we were going to use is probably not useable, going to go ahead and order a new hydraulic system. This will be smaller, more efficient, and stronger than the old one (not to mention more reliable)

- Over the summer more research was done regarding sensors and data storage.
- Data storage will most likely consist of flash memory, Aaron has hooked up a flash card to his computer and can read and write to it.
- Next step is to determine exactly what needs to get done to provide a more realistic time line.
- Before we can program the microcontroller we need to know how many sensors we are going to use, as well as their values. Since it will take a long time to program, this should be done as quickly as possible.

- Nose cone design is done and is currently being reviewed by a third party.
- Body of rocket is also being calculated
- Rocket diameter is now officially 12" and not 30cm, but on all drawings will be reported in millimetres (mm)

- Over the summer ordered valves, sensors, LOX and KER tanks, and other parts for engine testing
- Obtained permit to build test site at the Gas Facility on UBC Campus
- Wrote a "Fire and Emergency Plan", required for the testing facility
- Once we have a P. Eng sign off on our building design the test facility can be built.
- Still need to find a machine shop to machine the engine components.
- Hoping to test the engine around December/January

- No members present :(

Roundtable Discussion:
- Should focus on getting some commerce students to help out with Rocket Project as they should be able to really help with marketing
- A model rocket workshop early this term would be SWEET
- PAF from last year has been spent, follow up to ensure that it was received properly.
- We no longer have any team space, so we need to find some new space on campus. Approach ECE, MECH, FIZZ for space.
- High Powered Rocketry Certification will be going ahead for those interested. Cost of ~$600 to gain certification, may be able to get it subsidized in part by PAF or MECH department.
- Recruiting for the team happened on Imagine Day. We will also be present at the Student Design Team Information Session (Tuesday Sept 18, 6-8pm) and will have a movie night afterwards. Location TBA. Further recruiting at Club Days; will discuss this more next meeting.
- Next meeting scheduled for Sept. 15th

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